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Replacing your Windows and Doors has never been Easier with Grady Joinery…

  • Experienced Surveyors & Expert Fitting Service Team
  • FREE Recycling Services
  • Guaranteed Replacement Job Quick, Easy & Hassle Free with No Mess!

NSAI Certified A – Rated Windows with 0.8 U-Value

Grady Joinery is the first company in Ireland to receive an Energy Certificate from NSAI under the Window Energy Performance Scheme for its A – Rated 0.8 U-Value triple glazed uPVC Windows.

What Our Customers Say…

“Our dealings with Grady Joinery was very satisfactory experience, the sales reps & fitting team were professional and excellent in every way”

Energy Efficiency without Compromise

uPVC  Elegance Window Range
  • 0.8 U-Value
  • NSAI Certified – A Rated
  • 100% Reinforced & Insulated

Create the Perfect Entrance

Our range of door styles & colours is guaranteed to offer a design to suit your home & make that perfect entrance for you!

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Site Preparation:

The client is responsible for supporting all door thresholds by means of a concrete structural base. This base should incorporate best building practice in relation to damp proofing and thermal insulation (typical cross sections available on request). Door bases must be completed either prior to installation or immediately afterwards. Failure to properly support door thresholds will affect your warranty and almost certainly result in damage to your door.

Timber is a natural material and is susceptible to swelling and staining. Once timber products are installed/delivered to site the client is responsible for taking measures to prevent such problems. Grady Joinery recommends that all factory finished timber products are treated with two coats of quality oil base stain/paint. This will help reduce the amount of moisture that may be absorbed by timber. Grady Joinery will not accept any responsibility for timber movement (i.e. warping, swelling etc.) or any damage caused as a result of this movement. Please refer to timber information leaflet. (Available on request)

Owing to the high insulating property of the windows and glass, you may experience condensation on the outside of the glass. Certain climatic conditions and localised atmospheric conditions may result in external condensation on some windows but not on others. This is in no way indicative of a defective unit.

Toughened glass is used as standard where there is safety glass requirement, on oversized panes and the centre pane of triple glazed units. Toughened glass is an excellent product; however its optical quality is not as high as the glass from which it’s produced. In general it has a wave like appearance, may shiver and its surface is more susceptible to abrasion than non toughened glass.

Visual quality:
Our toughened glass and insulated glass units are in accordance with European standards EN12150 and EN1279 respectively. For the avoidance of doubt glass is designed for looking through and NOT looking at. A defect must be visible whilst being observed at right angles and at a distance of 3 meters and not in direct sunlight.

Timber flooring should not be fitted within one metre of an inward opening door.

Back up service:
Grady Joinery offers an excellent back up service that is very competitively priced. For more information on this service, please contact our office.

All products supplied under this contract are covered by a comprehensive 12 months warranty, effective from date of installation. In the event of a fault appearing which is proved to be due to poor workmanship in the course of manufacture or installation, the defective item will be replaced or repaired free of charge. Grady Joinery, will not accept liability for any consequential loss incurred.

There is a subsequent nine-year parts only warranty against discolouration (excluding weathering) and cracking of P.V.C. frames and moisture build up inside double glazed units.

On site warranty is only available for products installed by Grady Joinery. Elimination of condensation is not guaranteed, as this is dependent on environmental conditions/humidity

This Warranty is subject to the Contract price being paid in accordance with the terms of the contract.

All warranty on a item is void in the event that the company is directed not to fit an item that will subsequently be fitted by the purchaser.


Timber Production Process:
Laminated/engineered timber is widely used in the company’s production process. This involves the joining of two or more pieces of timber to make a single component which leads to a stronger component and reduces the risk of warping. All products are dipped in a water based primer and then sprayed with water based high build stain as standard. Variations in grain and texture in the timber may become more apparent after the spraying process. As this is normal and a natural feature of timber products:

Grady Joinery will not accept liability for claims in respect of :-

  • Variations in grain and texture within that component or product.
  • The fact that actual engineered joint may be visible upon close examination
  • Slight surface scratches/indentations that can be removed during the subsequent client aftercare process.

Aftercare of Timber products

Upon delivery/installation the client must take immediate steps to ensure:

  • That the moisture content of timber products remains between 12% and 16%.
  • Surfaces of the timber must be protected from plaster and concrete.

Actions Required by customer:

Eliminate water vapour from within the building and apply paint/stain in accordance with timber aftercare recommendations, this is available from your sales representative on request. In the event of plaster/concrete coming in contact with the timber, it must be removed immediately using a soft, damp cloth.

Grady Joinery will not accept liability for claims in respect of damages caused as a result of insufficient attention to aftercare recommendations: Likely damage includes:

  • Expansion/swelling of the products, resulting in inability to close and lock doors & windows.
  • Breaking of seals & joints, resulting in leaks & draughts
  • Winter building damage, resulting in fungal growth
  • Concrete burn marks, usually black stain.
  • Warping and shrinkage after construction is complete and house has dried out.


  • The men were on site early and had all the windows taken out and replaced on the first day. Very good workmanship shown and sorted out minor snags straight away. Quality of the windows and doors is excellent!

  • A. Hearne, Co Cork
    12 / 03 / 13

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