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Why Choose Us

  • It was a pleasure to deal with a company and a sales representative that was so knowledgeable about the product. The sales rep gave good advice and I will be recommending Grady’s in the future.

  • M. Headd, Co Galway


Here at Grady Joinery we pride ourselves in the high quality and durability of our windows.

We using the best materials and manufacturing processes available to us, together with our years of experience to delivery a product which will withstand the test of time.

  • 100% Welded Frames… By choice we don’t mechanically joint frames. Our joints will always be watertight. With mechanical joints the screws rust and break causing the joints to become loose over time
  • Effective Weather Seals… Our weather seals are inserted after the window frame has been welded, we don’t use co-extruded profiles where the weather seal is inserted into the profile during the manufacturing process of the profile.  Using co-extruded profile makes windows cheaper to manufacture, but it is difficult to get an effective weather seal where the profiles are welded together.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware… We only use stainless steel Hinges, Locks and Restrictors, in our damp climate doing this ensures that they won’t rust and fall apart.
  • Hinges and Keeps are secured into galvanised steel… All our uPVC products are 100% reinforced with galvanised composite reinforcing, because of this our hinges and keeps are fixed securely to steel within the profile. If a window or door profile is not reinforced with steel, hinges and keeps (locking points) will only be fixed to the uPVC itself. They will become loose and fall out over time.
  • Tested to BSI Standards… Continually tested to meet and exceed BSI standard.

Weather Resistance 

Whether your home is on the edge of the Atlantic or nestled in a town or city, our windows and doors are designed to withstand the heaviest rain showers and the most extreme weather conditions.

All our windows and doors are tested to and in excess of BSI standards for water-tightness, air permeability and wind resistance, thats why we’re happy they will perform in the harshest enviroments and protect you against…


  • Gale force winds… in-house and independently tested to 100mph forces
  • Torrential rain … tested up to 100psi of pressure for water-tightness
  • Sun or Snow… artificially weather tested for aging and longevity

Windows, Doors Tested to… Weather resistance – Windows/Doors


  • Water tightness (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Air permeability (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Wind resistance (PAS 23-1:1999)

Windows, Doors Tested to… Enhanced Durability

  • Operation and strength (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Cycle operation (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Operating forces (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Slamming resistance (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Closure against obstruction (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Abusive forces on handles (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Thermal distortion (PAS 23-1:1999, Annex D)
  • Resistance to artificial weathering (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Colourfastness (PAS 23-1:1999)
  • Cross breaking strength (PAS 23-1:1999)

  • Replacement Work: The methods applied were very good and the post work clean up together with after sales service callbacks were just excellent.  I would gladly recommend Grady Joinery for their professional calm approach.

  • W. Cullinane, Co Dublin

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