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Why Choose Us

  • Extremely happy with our doors & windows and with the service that went with pre-sale and installation.  We have recommended Grady Joinery to a number of people since. 

  • C. Sevastopulo, Co Dublin

Glazing Units

A glazing unit is made by sandwiching two or more sheets of glass with a spacer bar in between, sealing it up and filling it with gas.

There are many types of glass, spacer bars, sealants and gases.  All of which will contribute to the performance of your glazing units and therefore your windows.

All our glazing units are manufactured with the following components, these components are the best available to us and the best combination we can use for thermal efficiency and durability.

Glazing Unit Components

  • Outside pane
    Planilux Clear Float or Diamant Low-Iron (Saint-Gobain) 

    • Planilux clear float is a high quality, clear annealed glass from Saint-Gobain.
    • Diamant low-iron glass is highly transparent extra clear glass, which has very little residual colour. It has a unique appearance and very specific optical qualities. (Saint-Gobain – Diamant Glass)
  • Inner pane (if triple glazed)
    Planitherm Total 1.1 Low-E (Saint-Gobain)
    Planitherm Total 1.1 low-emissivity glass has a transparent metallic coating that reflects heat back into your room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. (Saint-Gobain – Planitherm Total 1.1)
  • Inside pane
    Planitherm Total 1.1 Low-E
    (Saint-Gobain – Planitherm Total 1.1)
  • Inner seal
    Polyurethane Sealant
    The first seal is a hot melt seal and is applied between the edge of the spacer bar and the glass, this seal is excellent at retaining the gas inside the unit throughout the life of the unit.
  • Outer seal
    Polyurethane Sealant
    The second seal is applied around the outside of glazing unit and takes about 2 hours to cure. Some companies use one hot melt seal with no inner seal, these units are cheaper and require less time to produce but they are not as durable and are more prone to breakdowns (moisture inside).
  • Spacer bars
    Warm Edge Black Swisspacer V (SGG)
    SGG Swisspacer V is a thermally optimised spacer bar made from a highly insulating composite plastic. It has an extremely thin stainless steel membrane which guarantees leak tightness for the filling gas and water vapours. (SGG Swisspacer V – Overview), (SGG Swisspacer V – Advantages)     (SGG Swisspacer V – What is a “Warm Edge”?),
  • Gas
    Argon Gas
    Argon Gas is less conductive and slower moving than air and therefore reduces the transfer of heat from one side of the glazing unit to the other.


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Double Glazing Units

Planilux Clear Float + Low-E


Diamant Low Iron + Low-E         

Double-Glazed-Unit-MakeUp-Clear-float-with-Swisspacer-300x300 Double-Glazed-Unit-MakeUp-Diamant-with-Swisspacer-300x300

Triple Glazing Units

Planilux Clear Float + Low-E



Diamant Low Iron + Low-E

Triple-Glazed-Unit-Make-Up-Clear-float-Low-E-with-Swisspacer Triple-Glazed-Unit-Make-Up-Diamant-with-Swisspacer-300x300


  • Just a note to say thank you to the 3 lads who put in my windows & front door. When I came home from work there wasn’t a speck of dust around. They did a professional job and everyone who has seen the work has commented on the good job. Thanks again.

  • M. Judge, Co Mayo

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